Unlock Unprecedented Growth for Your PDR Business!

Unlock Unprecedented Growth for Your PDR Business!

Transform Your PDR Operations with AiDent 🚀

Here's the breakdown: AiDent seamlessly attracts leads, interacts with them, and furnishes quotes. Say goodbye to pursuing potential clients – our platform handles the reminders and even seals the deals for you. Once you've secured a new client, AiDent syncs with management tools tailored for PDR, streamlining your entire workflow.

AiDent is a custom made product for the PDR industry brought to you by StreamlineJDC...

Here is a overview video of the StreamlineJDC platform we built AiDent on just for you!

Transform Your PDR Business: Streamline Operations

Ai-Power Your Social Media Content For Your PDR Business Posts

Meet Your Revolutionary Sales & Office Team

Harness the power of AI for your PDR business with AiDent. Welcome your innovative Sales and Office avatars – committed, relentless, and proficient.

Comprehensive Sales Powerhouse

Forget the hassle of tracking leads. Our Sales Avatar seamlessly brings in all your leads, helps get estimates, and ensures follow-ups to finalize deals. Amplify your sales productivity while concentrating on your core expertise.

Streamlined Office Management

From coordinating repair estimates to handling appointments, our Office Avatar has got your back. Experience effortless operations with perfect synchronization with PDR-specific management tools.

Automated Business Growth

Elevate your online presence with our automated review and referral system. Experience your PDR business expanding effortlessly, fueled by a steady stream of delighted clientele.

The Premier PDR Automation Tool

Streamline Your Sales Flow with AiDent

Our Sales Avatar is your dedicated 24/7 lead acquisition specialist. Effortlessly drawing in leads, presenting immediate path to estimates, and streamline appointment setting. No more chasing potential clients - Leave the initial legwork to our Sales Avatar, freeing you to hone in on delivering unparalleled 5 Star PDR services.

  • Lead Centralization

  • Easy Estimates Customer Self Booking

  • Automated Engagements & Follow-Ups

  • Perfect Integration

The Powerful Innovation of Automation

With AiDent's Sales and Office Avatars, you'll see your PDR business scale effortlessly. Enhance your online presence, respond to feedback, foster referrals, and relish a continuous stream of satisfied customers, all propelled by AiDent.

Real World Example Of Paintless Dent Repair Customer Self-Booking Appointment Automations!

Harness the Potential of AiDent

Redefining PDR Businesses Across the Nation

Capturing Thousands of Leads

Automatically Smart Engaging

AiDent effortlessly captures thousands of leads, automating engagement and nurturing for our customers.

Scale Your Conversion Rates

Unrivaled Sales Performance

Witness unparalleled sales efficacy. AiDent doesn't merely attract leads, it ensures they convert, boasting an impressive average 65% conversion rate.

700+ Perfect Integrations

Efficient Workflows

Experience hassle-free operations with AiDent. We've perfectly synchronized with over 700 distinct applications, including upcoming PDR-specific tools, Google Calendar, and more.


Daniel has been running his Dent Dynamics business with our system everyday sense Oct. 2023

Review from Daniel Gromm with Dent Dynamics, One Of The Long-Standing Paintless Dent Repair Shops In America And A Leaders In The PDR Industry!

At AiDent, our goal is to empower PDR professionals like you to hone in on your craft by automating your sales and administrative tasks. Our Sales and Office Avatars are crafted to refine your operations, amplify your sales, and elevate your online standing. Reach out to us today to discover more and feel the impact of AiDent.

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